Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Questions, questions, and more questions!!!

Hello again!
Here is a list of most of the questions I plan on asking Barbara Keef during my interview.  I may do a bit more research - I had to look up what ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) was on, which I think is basically ethernet (which I do now understand) and so there may be some differences between this list and the actual questions I post after the interview.  This is most of them, though...


MY Questions for Blog Interview
  • What is your name and job title?
  • What is your job description?
  • Are you the main person who maintains the website?
  • What is your favorite task?
  • Least favorite?
  • What types of technology are available to patrons at the Windham Public Library?
  • What types of technology are available to staff?
  • What types of Internet-based technology services are provided to the patron ubiquitously (at the same time)?
  • Which Operating System do you use?  Does it work well for your patrons’ needs?  Is it user-friendly?
  • Does anyone else help manage the technology? 
  • Are paraprofessionals and volunteers taught basic troubleshooting techniques?
  • As to the budget, how much is spent on technology, specifically databases, music, movies, software, etc?
  • What types of systems does WPL use?  Are they current or outdated?
  • Do you have a budget for new technology or upgrades? 
  • Are your computers networked?  Is there wireless internet access available?
  • What type of connection is there?  (i.e. cable modem, ATM ~ Ethernet?, T-1)
  • Is the WPL automated?  If yes, what is the name of the system?
  • I didn’t see an Acceptable Use Policy on your website.  Do you have one?  What, if any, are the time limitations for computer use?
  • Have you had any problems with unacceptable computer or Internet usage?
  • Do you have an IT person if no one on staff is able to fix the technology-based problems?
  • Do you have any equipment that can be lent out to community organizations, patrons, used for town council meetings, etc?
  • Do you feel there is enough space for the computers?
  • Are there enough outlets/data ports to accommodate all of the equipment and other devices that may be brought in by patrons?
  • Was ergonomics addressed when purchasing furniture for the computer area?
  • What do you have in the area of assistive technologies?  I know you have an automatic door that’s wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, but what in terms of technology and computer use is there?
  • What works best, in your opinion, in terms of the technology available at WPL?
  • What doesn't work - what items of technology in the library need to be revamped or rethought for optimal use by or for patrons?
  • Do you lend equipment to patrons? If so, what types?
  • What about software such as CDs, DVDs, or VHS?
  • I saw on the website that you can download audiobooks and eBooks for free through Maine’s InfoNet’s “Download Library.”  Has this been a popular feature?  What about iFlicks?
  • What , if any, types of security measures have been taken to prevent theft of hardware or software?  Do you have an Internet Security Suite?  Which one?  Is it effective, or have you had problems? If yes, what happened?
  • I never noticed your adult “Read Alike” suggestions before.  Is this new?  Has it brought in patrons that you know of?
  • I saw on your blog that OverDrive will begin adding Kindle compatibility to its networks.  I have a nook, and saw that it will (or already is) compatible with that too.  When is this to start?  Have you had any interest in this already?
  • I saw an article on WebJunction that librarians are helping the unemployed.  Is there anything WPL does in this area? 
  • Do you feel you offer a unique service?  If yes, what?
So, this is about it for now.  I hope I am able to get a good idea of what's going on technologically at the Windham Public Library and learn more about the ins and outs of the behind-the-scenes workings there.
Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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