Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set.....GO!!!

I'm off and running!
So, I just got off the phone with Barbara and she confirmed that she is the librarian most in charge of the technology aspects of the Windham Public Library.  Our interview is set for 10:00 AM tomorrow (Friday, the 14th) and I'm really excited to see what she has to say.  For a relatively small town, this library has done a fantastic job keeping up with technology and always looking for new ways to improve the system and help their patrons.  

During our chat, I told her why I was doing the interview ~ that I was doing a blog for a class at UMA ~ and briefly went over some of the questions I had prepared.  She mentioned that the library has a computer technician they use for their more technical needs and that I could talk to him if I wanted to.  I explained that I really needed to speak to a librarian about how they handle internet security, what Acceptable Use Policies they may have, and what sort of troubleshooting is done to avoid calling the IT guy.  She said that it sounded great and was happy to meet with me.  

I also mentioned that I could email her my questions, of which there are a lot, so she could review them at her leisure.  So, I did that after we got off the phone and now all I have to do is make sure all of my ducks are in a row and see her tomorrow!  Looking forward to it!


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