Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where to go???

The library I've chosen to blog about is the one in my town, The Windham Public Library.  They are small, but have done a great job keeping up with technology and I'm curious to see what technological changes they've made since I last conducted an interview there a year ago.  Then, they were discussing updating their website in order to make it more user-friendly, which I think looks great.  I am a bit biased, though, as it is my local library.  To others it may seem a bit small-townish, but it works for our community.

I, interestingly, interviewed the Reference/Technology librarian, Barbara Keef for another class last year, and will set up another interview with her for this one, unless I'm redirected to someone else.  She maintains the computers and does all of the troubleshooting she can, so I think she'll be a great contact for this blog.

I'm excited to catch up with Barbara and let her know what I've been ILS-wise since our last chat.  All of the librarians at the WPL are so friendly and outgoing that I feel it's a home away from home.  If anyone is interested in checking out their website and seeing what sorts of services they offer, the website is... 

Thanks for reading!

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