Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's the PLAN???

So, I've been giving some more thought to my blog and how I'm going to go about setting things in motion.  I've gone over the questions in the assignment area, looked at past students' blogs, and tried to come up with some good questions of my own.  I went to the Windham Public Library's (WPL's) website and really checked it out to see if there were any changes I noticed and if there were some new technology services available.  There were, which I'll go over in my interview.  I also visited WebJunction, and a few other sites, for some ideas, which I did get.  For example, I saw an article about how librarians are "throwing out a lifeline to the unemployed" (Gutsche, 2010), so I decided to ask Barbara if she and/or her fellow staff members were doing anything like this.  I also checked out some different links on WebJunction, such as Operating Systems and how to install them, which also helped me formulate better questions.

Next on  my list is to contact the technology librarian, who I believe is Barbara Keef.  I'm first going to give her a quick call to let her know what my new assignment is all about.  I'll ask her if she has any free time in the near future so that I can interview her about the technological aspects of the WPL.  Then, I'll put together some of the more technical/complex questions and send them to her via email so she can peruse them and come up with some answers for me.  I plan to ask her to set aside an hour of her time, if possible, to get some thorough answers.

After I've set up the interview, I'll come back and let you know how everything went and the date we've set up to chat.  I look forward to seeing her again and to find out how things are going for the WPL technology-wise. 


Gutsche, B. (2010, July 21). Job-seeker success: libraries throw out a lifeline to the unemployed . Retrieved from http://www.webjunction.org/workforce-resources/-/articles/content/101741495

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